I am a balm to the sick, their healer and servitor. I quench with rains of food and drink the anguish of hunger and thirst. In the famine of age's end, I am their drink and food.

I am an unfailing store for the poor and serve them with manifold things for their need. My own being and pleasures I surrender absolutely and entirely to God indefinitely such that all creatures on earth may gain their end.

I am the protector of the unprotected, a guide to wayfarers, a ship, a dyke and a bridge for those who seek the farther shore; a lamp for those who need a lamp and a bed for those who need a bed.

- Renunciate's Vow

What is Kriya Yoga
Hong-Sau Kriya

Developing intense powers of Concentration

Yoga Nidra

Placing the body in restful sleep while the mind remains active

Samadhi Kriya

Glimpsing the true nature of Reality


Yoga postures for health and energy alignment


Prayers, Mantra, Affirmations

Healing Pranayama

You can heal the World

Divine Intervention

Bringing the power of God into your life

Sexual Energy

The filter that separates us from the true Reality

Infinite Progress

In two minutes a day


Random photos posted for the fun of it