It is a common experience that the mind is mostly preoccupied with reliving memories of the past, contemplating events of the future, acting out imaginary conversations and situations, etc. These inner distractions create a filter which warps ones perceptions of life and reality.

We have all observed this in people, but often fail to observe it in ourselves. This filter is more recognizable when given its common name - the Ego.

If one desires to undergo profound change, then one must learn to glimpse reality without the tainted filters of the Ego, and to free oneself from creating a self-fulfilling, negative future.

When one focuses on the breath in Hong-Sau Kriya, one's mind is fully focused only on the present moment. The filters are dropped.

With continued practice, one develops the profound ability to focus intently on a philosophical concept or a life issue, and see the solutions clearly, in a wonderful "the answer was right here all of the time" experience.


This short discussion of the Ego-Self is concluded with the poem "Love", by John Lennon.


Love is real,
real is love

Love is feeling,
feeling love

Love is wanting to be loved

Love is touch,
touch is love

Love is reaching,
reaching love

Love is asking to be loved

Love is you
You and me

Love is knowing
we can be

Love is free,
free is love

Love is living,
living love

Love is needing to be loved ...