Kriya Yoga

Due to the overwhelming loads of Malarkey and Irrelevant Trivia saturating the information highway in the name of Kriya Yoga, it is best to make a few comments regarding what Kriya Yoga Is Not before one can convey what Kriya Yoga actually Is.

Kriya Yoga is not Religion

Kriya Yoga is not Church

Kriya Yoga is not Hindu Deities

Kriya Yoga is not Guru

Kriya Yoga is not Beliefs

Kriya Yoga is not Books

Kriya Yoga is not Words

Kriya Yoga is not Academic Philosophy or Intellectual Debate

Kriya Yoga is not Shaming or being Shamed

Sorry to start with negativity, but I had to get all of that chaff out of the way. It's like unpacking a big crate labeled Kriya Yoga - pulling out and tossing away fists full of wadded up newspapers to get to the actual precious cargo underneath.

Don't read what the wadded up newspapers have to say, just because they were in that blasted "Box"!

Kriya Yoga is Activity with Awareness

Kriya Yoga is deep Focus

Kriya Yoga is deep Intuition

Kriya Yoga is deep Inner Silence

Kriya Yoga is Wisdom beyond Words

Kriya Yoga is replacing Ego-Beliefs with True Knowledge

Kriya Yoga is the Breathless State

Kriya Yoga is realizing the True Nature of Reality

Kriya Yoga is a continuous state of Self-Realization

Kriya Yoga was founded by the original "Hippies" of ancient times, shouting "Down with the establishment" (the power of the Priests, that is), and insisting that true Self-Realization was a matter of introspection and the practice of powerful techniques to develop concentration and focus - not by reading books, learning and reciting trivia, engaging in philosophical debates, pinning posters on the wall, or being a slave to tradition.

Practice the techniques that work for you, discard the others, develop mental focus, develop inner stillness, discard your untested beliefs, rely on your intuition, ignore shaming by others, and gain profound insight into the true nature of Reality.

That's it - Kriya Yoga in 50 words or less.

Graphic "Transcendent Being" by Jacob Wagner.

This discussion is concluded with the poem of longing "I Can't Reach You", by Peter Townshend


I'm a billion ages past You
A million years behind You too
A thousand miles up in the air
A trillion times I've seen You there

Your hair is golden, mine is gray
You walk on grass, it turns to hay
Your blood is blue and Your eyes are red
My body strains, but the nerves are dead

I can't reach You
I've strained my eyes
I can't reach You
I've split my sides
I can't reach
Tryin' to get on You
See, feel or hear from You

The distances grow greater now
You drink champagne and past me plow
You fly Your plane right over my head
You're still alive and I'm nearly dead

I can't reach you
With arms outstretched
I can't reach you
I crane my neck
I can't reach
Tryin' to get on You
See, feel or hear from You

Once I caught a glimpse
Of Your unguarded, untouched Heart
Our fingertips touched and then
My mind tore us apart

I can't reach You
With arms outstretched
I can't reach You
I crane my neck
I can't reach
Tryin' to get on You
See, feel or hear from You