aka Divine Grace, Divine Intervention, Grace of the Guru, Grace of God, etc.

God does not interfere with or intervene in people's lives unless He is called upon to do so.

The most well-known call for Divine Intervention is Prayer.

Another type of call for Divine Intervention is the Affirmation. Anyone who has tried to overcome a compulsive behavior, physical addiction, a negative past, or emotional dependencies has likely experienced a seemingly insurmountable barrier as well as setbacks and relapses. It can seem quite hopeless. But ceaseless attempts to effect personal change, coupled with positive affirmations, can trigger a Divine Intervention to work a true Miracle in Your Life!

Sometimes, the miracle of Divine Intervention is channeled through a teacher, Guru, or other intermediary. The channeler of the miracle did not perform the miracle! We have all heard of or possibly even witnessed the modern Miracle Worker who was spiritually and morally corrupt. Even Jesus warned us that it would happen.

Beware of the "Guru Worship" syndrome! Spiritual teachers are just people - it's always the charlatan who seems bigger than life. If someone effects a miracle in your life, then they were acting as the conduit for such a miracle.

You can be a conduit as well. You can heal the world.



Ask a Higher Power to intervene in your life. Speak from the heart. There is no formula - but you have to ask!